How Social Media Can Generate More Visibility for Your Event Planning Company

While historically it may have been common practice for event planners to build clientele solely through word of mouth, and more recently, via website visits, the risingsocial media cheat sheet for event planners popularity and functionality of social media sites have created a new and more personal means of connecting with potential clients. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are all mediums that may be used to amplify word-of-mouth exponentially through the power of the Internet.

The difference between traditional marketing strategies and those used in social media is basically that of having one satisfied client telling a few friends about you, or having them go online and share their positive experience with the world. In the latter example, not only will that customer’s whole social network have the potential to learn about your company, but so will anyone else who happens to stumble across that client’s post. And while the few friends reached through the original client’s word-of-mouth may or may not be planning an event, it’s almost certain that someone in their social network is, so why not let your client put your name in front of them so that you have the opportunity to be considered for that business?

This is not to say that word-of-mouth and other forms of advertising are obsolete, but rather to provide you with yet another means to connect with clients and potential clients in a meaningful, and targeted way. Even if someone isn’t planning an event right then, they will still have seen your name, so the next time they come across it, or someone mentions it, it will likely be more familiar to them than had they never heard of it, which is a win for you and your company, as brand awareness is the first stage in the purchase funnel.