How Social Media Can Generate More Website Visits For Your Event Planning Company

Ideally, all of the conversations and engagement that you generate on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest, should result in increased traffic to your company’s SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT TEXTwebsite. This effectiveness is achieved by using a range of strategies, from seemingly small things, like ensuring visitors to social media pages can easily locate your web address, to more advanced efforts, like capitalizing on each sites specific tools, for instance, taking out sponsored ads and posts on Facebook to bypass algorithms that limit exposure, and including “calls-to-action” for visitors to your page.

Other tricks include targeted messages to specific demographic groups, i.e. women, age 18-35, located within 20 miles of your location. Social media channels like Facebook & Twitter allow you to get just that specific with their paid posts. This can be based on any number of characteristics, not just gender, age, and location, but also interests and whether or not they’re a current follower of your social media page. You can even create multiple posts and/or ads with different messaging so that each one is unique to the specific type of client that you’re seeking. Now, instead of hoping that people will visit, or only rely on SEO traffic to drive people to your website, you can now actively target the consumers you’d like to connect with.

So in addition to the organic web visits that you can expect from a modest sized, engaged, social media fan-base, just by virtue of current followers liking, reposting, and/or commenting on your page and their social media friends observing those interactions, you can also boost web traffic using the aforementioned tools. In this way, each marketing arm complements the other – the website mentions your social media page, and vice-versa. So consumers have a variety of ways to connect with your brand and learn more about you and your services.