How Social Media Can Help You Learn Your Audience, and Make Better Marketing Decisions For Your Event Planning Company

Another thing that’s so great about social media marketing, is the fact that sites such as Facebook have analytics that allows you to not only find out the demographic of socialtipsyour followers in terms of gender, age, and region but also help you to learn what they like, by tracking the engagement on your posts. So if you look at your analytics and notice that all your posts about gender reveal parties  get several likes and lots of comments, you can take that as a cue that you may want to expand your offerings in that area as an event planner, or do more promotion around the fact that you’re a female business owner if you notice your following consists primarily of women. Still, as valuable as this information is, having the knowledge alone is not going to benefit your business. You’ll need to go beyond collecting data and actually use the information that you’ve found to make real connections with your target demographic. The wealth of insights available allows you to customize not only your social media marketing plan, but also to tweak other aspects of your business to best match the tastes and desires of your clients and prospective clients. They also give you a better starting point for conversations on your social media sites, as you’ll know what your followers are most concerned with, and wanting to know more about. Even if they’re not shopping for an event planner at the moment, if you can speak to their curiosity, and establish yourself as an expert, and/or thought leader in the field of event planning, people are likely to remember you when they are looking to plan an event, and will feel comfortable referring you to someone else who may be in the market for one as well.